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NEMA 24 Stepper Servo Motor

• Manufacturer Part Number: HS601
• Motor Type: Hybrid Stepper Servo Motor
• Frame Size:60x60mm Step Servo Motor Nema 24 Mounting
• Step Angle: 1.8deg
• Torque: 0.9-2.6 N.m
• Motor System: Closed-loop control
• Shaft Type: Custom Shaft
• Application: Stage Lighting Motor

  • HS601(60mm)- 1.8° per step
  • I.CH

The NEMA 24 stepper motor with a gearbox is a geared stepper motor, which can reduce speed and increase torque. At the same time, the stepper motor with an encoder is a closed-loop stepper motor. HS601 stepper motor that I.CH designs are a stepper servo motor.

The closed-loop control system has many advantages:

1. Improve the effective torque and speed, further broaden the application range of stepper motor:

Under the same voltage and current control conditions, compared with the traditional open-loop stepping system, the speed range of the closed-loop system can run smoothly in the range of 0.1-3000 Rpm. The effective torque can reach up to 60% of holding torque. And at the same time, the temperature and noise reducing.

2. The high speed and miniaturization of the equipment

A. High acceleration and deceleration response, precise positioning at high speed:

In the case of forward and reverse rotation of the stepper motor in 90-degree short stroke, T type acceleration, and deceleration can reach up to 1000 rad/s, speed up to 800 rpm, position time is less than 80ms. A round trip frequency can reach up to 700 times, and ensure the positioning of the target position.

B. System miniaturization

Because the stepper motor has a relatively large torque at low speed, compared with the servo motor, the stepper motor can use a large continuous torque in the low-speed rotation field. So the system size can be miniaturized.

3. Zero speed complete shutdown

Because the stepper motor has the characteristic of holding torque, unlike the servo motor that has micro-vibration when it stops. The motor can completely stop, which can improve the repeated positioning accuracy of the motion system.

4. High resolution

500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 5000, 20000 P/R encoder resolution is optional.

5. Reduce motor heating and achieve high efficiency

Like servo motor, as closed-loop sinusoidal wave vector is adopted, the motor current is controlled based on the size of the load, which can reduce the motor heat, reduce the motor operating temperature and achieve high efficiency.


Because the closed-loop system has the above-mentioned advantage, so we use this scheme. If you have needs, we can customize it according to your requirements. If you want to the smaller size, NEMA 17, NEMA 23 can provide.

Electrical Specification
Series ModelRated Voltage(V)L
Phase Current (A)Phase
Inductance  (mH)
Holding Torque
Moment of Inertia (g.cm2)Motor
( g)
HS601-16030A2.4563.00.82.4160320 880
HS601-16042A1.89564.20.451.2160320 880
HS601-26030A3.3903.01.15.0260800 1500

Mechanical Dimensions
Standard Leadwire Configuration

Custom Shaft
Round, D-Cut, Cross drilled, Key-Way, Thread or Hollow


Stepper Motor with Encoder

Encoder is customized for customer


Stepper Geared Motor
Planetary Gearbox Stepper Motor
Spur Gearbox Stepper Motor



Molex, Harwin, Tyco/AMP, JST e tc.


Leadwires and Cables

Special length, Protective hose

Full Datasheet 


To reduce the vibration and fluctuation in NEMA 24 stepper motor, the solution that I.CH takes is to use closed-loop format. Probably the parameter that I.CH lists is not suitable to you, but as an experienced manufacturer, we can custom.



1, High efficiency

2, Low vibration

3, High response


1, One-year warranty.

2, Technological instruction.


1, what is the step angle of NEMA 24 stepper motor?

1.8 Degree.

2, what is the inertia ratio of closed-loop stepper motor?

You can find the corresponding parameter listed from PDF.





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