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Message: Hello. Can you supply me the gearbox made of metal?
Reply: Yes, we could use all metal materials in gearbox.

Message: Could you supply the flat form of gearbox, but dimension size not more than 90*70*50mm
Reply: No problem, Recommend the ovoid gearbox which is flat form, the size is 45*64*25mm.

Message: I want to get the output shaft and input shaft be flat, can you make it? 
Reply: Sure, we can.

MessageWe are a professional engineering company, having specializing in Motion Control automation for various types of Machinery. For our new AGV and Robotics project, we are looking for Brushless DC motors with specs as per the excel sheet attached.
Quantity is around 500 motors per month.
You are requested to send us your lowest offer along with technical data at the earliest.

Reply: Our Brushless DC Motor could be used in AGV.
I would like to know the technical specifications, characteristic specifications (torque, power, speed), so that we could customize the suitable motor for your application.

Message: We want a customs gearbox, dimension not more than 90x70x50 mm, Flat form, made of meatal, ration from 1:40 to 1:60 and torque reach
ReplyThe recommended ovoid gearbox’s size less than 90*70*50mm, which is a oviod shape, and we can use all metal in gearbox, thr ratio is okay, and we can make the torque to your standard.

MessageCould we get the lower cost of brushless dc motor?
ReplyYes, we could use Bonded magnetic steel for rotor, but the power will be lower than regular motor, and the efficiency is only around 63%. The regular brushless dc motor use Sintered magnetic steel for rotor, the efficiency could be around 73%.
For example, NEMA 23 brushless dc motor with length 75mm body. The output power is 90W with bonded magnetic steel. The output power could be 170W with Sintered magnetic steel, which price is increased 20%
One word, brushless dc motor’s price is decided by Power and torque, not motor length.

MessageWhat is the purpose of encoder?
Reply: Two types for encoder, one is optical encoder, the other one is magnetic encoder. The purpose of encoder is to supervise the position of rotor in rotation, it also been called position sensor.

Message: What is the function of driver?
Reply: The driver mostly has following three functions
1). Location loop, monitor the position of rotor constantly, and feedback to driver to make compensation 
for the equal processing feedback;
2). Speed loop, play a role of accelerating and slowing down speed smoothly and delicately;
3). Torque loop, feedback driver to control current in the light of outer load, in order to control the heating of the motor greatly to reduce energy consumption, the key also has the overload capacity.
It becomes closed loop servo system after assembled encoder, but not every user need above three loops all, using three loops is the most complicated situation. The speed loop applies for most simple cases, to play role of adjusting smoothly.






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