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  • Sep
    Gear Motor for Smart Lock

      At Present, the driving motor of the smart lock has a large size and low torque. Besides, the steering is single, the control is unstable, which is easy to fail and low life.  To solve the above-mentioned deficiency, I.CH design a new smart lock gear motor, which is a simple structure, stable cont

  • Sep
    Three Modes of Stepper Motor Drivers

      The stepper motor drive system consists of the stepper motor and stepper motor drivers. The performance of the system not only depends on the performance of the motor but also based on the quality of the driver.  The stepper motor driver has three basic drive modes: full-step, half step, and subdi

  • Sep
    Two Types of Coupler in Gear Motor

      The coupling is a common part of the motor testing system. Generally, the user chooses the couple based on the shaft diameter of the motor. The coupling has many different types. The choosing of the coupling should be based on the application. It can be divided into two types: flexible coupling, r

  • Sep
    The Application of Stepper Motor

      The main application of stepper motor  1. Industrial Machine -- The stepper motor is used in the motor meter and machine tool.  2. Security -- The security industry’s new surveillance products, which include security cameras.  3. Medical -- The stepper motor is used in medical scanners, samplers,

  • Sep
    The 28 Questions about Stepper Servo Motor

      1. How to Select Suitable Servo Motor and Stepper Motor?  It mainly depends on the application. In short, you should determine requirements such as the nature of load(horizontal or vertical load), the torque, the inertia, the speed, the precision, the acceleration and deceleration, upper control r

  • Sep
    The Reason of the Loss of Step of Stepper Motor

      The stepper motor is an open-loop control motor that converts an electric pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement. When out of step not occurs, the speed of the motor, the stop position is determined by the frequency of the pulse signal, and the number of pulses is not affect

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