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  • Our customized pear shape gearbox with double output shaft, specific ratio speed, required motor gear diameter, long shaft length and strong housing strength ability. Customer can customs it with Stepper Motor, Brshless DC Motor, Servo Motor, and so on, to achieve high torque and long lifespan.

  • Our NEMA 14 Linear Stepper Motor, with external linear actuator, 1.8 degree angle step, stable control ability, we have been cooperating with BARCO for a long time, this great brand keep ordering the step motor from us for their projector project. For this product, we can customize specification and

  • Our small size - 20mm, NEMA 8 Stepper Motor with its 1.8 degree accurate step angel, 20mm body length, mini square size, single or double output shaft, going to be used as CCTV Motor or 3D printer Motor.

  • This little tiny 12mm DC motor with outside spur gearbox (gear head), widely used in bike system and electric clock. With the advantage of lightness, small size and sufficient torque, attracts many brands’ of bike to invest.

  • We just published a new product - 42mm Planetary geared motor, today we want to talk more about this product. We have three different materials of the gearbox with different requirements and prices for selecting.1. Gear material in planetary gearbox is powder metallurgy/sintered, works with brushles

  • Our product - NEMA 16 Stepper Motor with 1.8deg step, 7.5V, 0.5A, 15ohms,, apply for different kinds of textile machine and packing machine. With six leads wire, light weight, small size, medium output shaft length, M3 mounting hole, 20.5mm body length, strong holding torque, it is getting r





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