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  • May
    The Servo Motor and Stepper Motor

    The basic difference between the traditional stepper motor and the servo motor lies in the type of motor and its control mode. Stepper motors typically use 50 to 100 extremely brushless motors, while typical servo motors are only 4 to 12 poles.  The pole is an area of the motor in which the Arctic o

  • May
    5 Applications of motors in the medical industry-2

    Dialysis: The hemodialysis system requires a reliable peristaltic pump to allow the patient's blood and dialysis fluid to pass accurately through the machine's dialysis device.In these life-giving machines, high-precision brushless motors operate reliably and quietly. The CPAP:CPCP machine has addre

  • May
    5 Applications of motors in the medical industry-1

    Surgical robots, power prostheses and exoskeletons are all used motors to expand and improve human capabilities, while also advancing the development of the health care industry.These advanced medical products have become a reality, thanks in part to advanced technology for the provision of medical

  • May
    Intelligent manufacturing can start with intelligent motor control

    Motor control can simply be roughly divided into 3 types, direct start (DOL and Star triangle start) control, soft start and inverter (including servo) control. In order to control the motor better, first of all has to understand the operation of the motor data, if there is a soft start or inverter,

  • Apr
    Why are we using gearmotors for vending machine

    Some customer was confused when searching a right solution for their vending machine, today let’s talk about differences between stepper and geared motor.Some might say they want to select stepper for vending machine because stepper has distinct advantages over gearmotor. 1.8 degrees accurate positi

  • Apr
    Four Steps to Select Planetary Gear Box

    Planetary Reducer can effectively reduce the speed of the motor, from production, design to sales of the general manufacturers will have a set of standard services. But we know that there will be some differences in the production standards and design concepts of each factory, so it is not so easy f





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