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  • Dec
    How To Select Stepper Motor

    First: The holding torque of the stepper motor, which is similar to the “power” of the stepper motor. The physical structure of the stepper motor is not similar to AC, DC motor, the output power of the motor is changeable. Commonly, the selection of the stepper motor should be based on the amount of

  • Dec
    The Three Control Mode of Servo Motor

      1. Pulse control mode  For small machines, it is common to use a pulse to control the position of the motor. This control method is very simple and easy to understand. The basic control method: the number of the pulse determines the motor pulse, the frequency of pulse determines the motor speed.  

  • Nov
    The difference between bus line control and pulse control

    By receiving pulse current, the control of speed, position, the direction in the stepper motor can achieve. The number of the pulse determines the position of the stepper motor. The rate of the pulse determines the speed of the motor. The direction of the pulse determines the rotation speed of the m

  • Nov
    The Reason Why The Stepper Motor loses step and Vibrates?

      The Stepper Motor is an open-loop motor that converts angular displacement into angular displacement. When the stepper motor does not lose a step, the speed, the position of the stop is determined by the frequency of the pulse signal and the number of pulses. When the stepper motor receives a puls

  • Nov
    How the two phase stepper motor connects wire?

      The two-phase stepper motor usually has three types: four, six, and eight wire. The schematic diagram is as follows:  In reality, the two-phase stepper motor comes from four phases. The four-wire type is drawn in series or parallel and then draws four wires. In terms of six wire types, one is draw

  • Oct
    The Heating Problem of the Stepper Motor and It's Solution

    1. The Heating Reason for The Stepper Motor As for various stepper motors, it’s internal structure consists of an iron core and winding coils. There is resistance in the windings, the current will cause a loss, which is proportional to the resistance the square of the current. If the current is not

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