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  • New product - Outer Rotor Brushless Motor, we have two sizes of Outer Rotor motor, one is medium size - 42mm, one is bigger size - 60mm. The Outer Rotor BLDC Motor is widely used in vacuum cleaner, medical apparatus, and many other automation systems, high-tech automatic industries are requesting BL

  • Our new product - 42mm Hybrid Stepper Geared Motor is officially released, this product is combination of 42mm Step Motor and 40mm planetary gearbox, now it has been under production. One of our customer has purchased 3000pcs monthly. The application is light robotic arm and other automation industr

  • Medium and small-sized lighting devices are widely used in various stage lighting, the attached figure represents the structure of the illumination device. The horizontal rotary motor or the vertical oscillating motor all passes through 1:10 reducer. The horizontal rotating motor's load is the illu

  • I.CH keep suppling lock cylinder gear to “Mul-T-Lock” for many years, we co-designed gearbox with “Mul-T-Lock”, the gear has been used in “Mul-t-lock” ENTR series smart door lock cylinder and this product is extremely popular. It not only makes unlock easier, but also makes the house a safer place.

  • The USA customer purchased planetary gearbox prototypes from us last year, which is a motor supplier located in USA and specializes in sailplane career, they attachted our gearbox with their own motor devices, and found complete product did a great job on power a sailplane, so this time they ordered

  • I.CH publishes new logo today





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