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  • Apr
    The reason why the planetary gearbox appears to break the shaft

    Generally speaking, the servo planetary reducer has a broken shaft is nothing more than two cases: one is the drive motor output shaft fractures, the other one is the planetary reducer output shaft breaks.1, The reason for the fracture of the output shaft of the driving motor must be that there is a

  • Mar
    What structure and selection of geared motor do expert needs to know?-2

    After a special design, the speed ratio can reach 1:1000 or larger, but a large deceleration ratio of the gearbox does not allow "inversion", that is, the gearbox output shaft can not be used as the active shaft, forced inversion. Due to the limitation of gear strength, when the total transmission i

  • Mar
    What structure and selection of geared motor do expert needs to know?-1

    Gear motors are generally used for low speed and high torque transmission equipment, is through the motor or other high-speed operation of the transmission equipment through the reducer to the output shaft of the gear to achieve the purpose of deceleration. I.CH Motion takes gears, gearbox, geared m

  • Mar
    Water Meter Motor-2

    This is our most popular water meter motor in Indian market, 46mm size, switch motor cable, it is specifically used for intelligent water meter

  • Mar
    Water Meter Motor-1

    With the development of global urbanization, the shortage and high demands of water resources has became the biggest challenge of water company, and improvement of sense of saving water resources, many cites in many countries are promoting smart , intelligent water meterTo chase this eco-friendly tr

  • Mar
    Worm Gear with Stepper Motor

    We are able to help customers to design all kinds of gearbox or gear parts, this worm geared stepper motor applied for the gate, click see more interesting products and news.





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