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How To Select Stepper Motor

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The holding torque of the stepper motor, which is similar to the “power” of the stepper motor. The physical structure of the stepper motor is not similar to AC, DC motor, the output power of the motor is changeable. Commonly, the selection of the stepper motor should be based on the amount of torque. Besides, speed also is considered. Because the output torque is inverse proportional to speed. That is to say, in the high speed, the torque of the stepper motor is very small. 


The no-load starting frequency of the stepper motor, which is also called the “no-load frequency”. if it is required to start and stop frequently in an instant, and the speed is around 1000 rpm, in which an “acceleration start-up” is required. If it is necessary to start directly for high-speed operation, it is better to choose a reactive and permanent magnet motor.


The selection of phase number. In terms of this item, many customers do not care. The phase number of the motor will affect the effect. The more the phase number, the smaller the vibration. For most applications, compared with a four-phase stepper motor, the two phase stepper motor is more used. In the high speed and high torque environments, it is very practical to choose a three-phase stepper motor.


The special stepper motor can be waterproof, oil-proof, which can be used on some special occasions. For example, the underwater robot needs a waterproof motor.


If the special parameter is required, it needs to communicate with other manufacturers. Such as the diameter, direction of the shaft.





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