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DC Gear Motor: Definition, Types, Advantage

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In many locations, dc gear motor is widely used, it is hard to imagine that if we have no motor, our life would be. Today, what I what to do is to introduce his definition, types, and advantages.

DC Gear Motor Definition:

DC reduction motor, namely gear reduction motor, is based on commonly dc motor plus a gear reduction box. The gearbox is to provide low speed, high torque. Meanwhile, a different reduction ratio in the gearbox can produce different speeds and torque.

DC Gear Motor Types:

1. High-power gear reduction motor. 

2. Coaxial helical gear reduction motor.

3. Parallel shaft helical gear reduction motor.

4. Spiral bevel gear reduction motor.

5. YCJ series gear reduction motor.

DC Gear Motor Advantage:

1. The gear motor is the technical crystallization of the transmission industry, it has huge scientific and technological content.

2. It is reliable and can save space, withstand a certain overload.

3. The motor has low energy consumption and excellent performance.

4. The reducer has low vibration, low noise, and saves high energy  

5. The reduction motor adopts Series and modular design, which has a wide range of adaptability. Meanwhile, According to actual needs, Selecting many types of motor, device and various layout.

The feature of gear motor contributes to the wide application, it is mainly used in the iron and mechanical industry.





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