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The Applications of DC Gear Motor

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In reality , DC gear motor is widely used. Today , if you have interest,Let's us see his specific locations.

For Robot:

DC gear motor can be used to drive the robot joints, but the requirements are to have high power requirements and  torque inertia ratio, high start torque, low inertia, wide and smooth range. 

In particular, the motor should be small in size and mass when it is used as the robot’s end-effector(claw). when the fast response is required, the servo motor must have high reliability and large short-term overload capacity.

Specific requirements:

  • 1.Wide range of speed regulation.

  • 2.Rapidity.

  • 3.Large starting torque inertia ratio.

  • 4.Small size, small mass, and short axial dimension.

  • 5.Withstand harsh operating conditions, can frequently carry out forward and backward and acceleration and deceleration, and withstand overload in a short time.

  • 6.the continuity and linearity of controlling, with the change of control signal, the speed of dc gear motor can be changed continuously, sometimes the speed is proportional to the control signal.

In the application of dc gear motor in the robot, only meeting these requirements, can the driving effect of a robot be fluent.

For Vending Machine:

Micro dc gear motor plays an executive role in the vending machine, according to the input channel number of selected goods, the central processing identifies this information, after it carries out distributing. The main control panel drive corresponding miniature dc gear motor rotating, pushing the goods into the customer pickup area.

Each aisle has a dc gear motor which is controlled by drive control part which can detect abnormal status such as low current status,locked-rotor.





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