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Can AC Synchronous Motor be used in fan coil units?

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Can AC Synchronous Motor be used in fan coil units?

What are the main application fields of fan coil units?

The fan-coil unit is a terminal device of the central air conditioning system. It is characterized by compact structure, flexible layout and convenient independent control. It is widely used in office buildings, commercial and residential buildings, hotels, hospitals and scientific research institutions HVAC systems. It is composed of small fan, motor, coil (air heat ex-changer), etc. Fan coil can be mainly divided into Vertical Fan Coil (VFC) and horizontal fan coil according to its structural style.

What is the function of electric valve actuator in fan coil units?

The electric valve actuator belongs to the end control products of central air conditioning. As an executive part to control the water flow in the fan coil, it is controlled by the central air conditioning temperature controller. The temperature controller of the central air conditioner connects or stops the water flow in the fan coil by controlling its operation (chilled water for refrigeration and hot water for heating), so as to change the working state of the central air conditioner. 

The electric valve is generally installed on the return water pipe, and the filter can be installed on the supply water pipe. Installed on the return pipe can decrease the bearing pressure of the electric valve.It can avoid short circuit of water flow in the surface cooler when the flow decreases.

Is AC Synchronous Motor a good choice for fan coil unit?

I.CH Motion has 18 years of experience in the field of synchronous motors. By our understanding of synchronous motors, we have developed the Electrical Valve Actuators used in the Fan Coil units, which are specially used for HVAC. The actuators using synchronous motors are high quality with big torque and constant speed and cheap. This design has been the most popular actuators in the actuator market recently. We can customize the actuator to match different valve connection parts by 3D printer during prototype confirmation, then we modify the mould to make the matched actuator to your valve controller.

I.CH Motion confirm that each parameter meets the customer's requirements, and provide drawings and test reports to the customer for confirmation. AC Synchronous Motor with the common specifications like 49TYD,59TYD,64TYD are our most used in the field of HVAC systems.





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