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What structure and selection of geared motor do expert needs to know?-2

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After a special design, the speed ratio can reach 1:1000 or larger, but a large deceleration ratio of the gearbox does not allow "inversion", that is, the gearbox output shaft can not be used as the active shaft, forced inversion. Due to the limitation of gear strength, when the total transmission is large, the gear motor may not be able to withstand the stall torque, at this time the load torque can not exceed the maximum allowable short time load torque.

To determine the model of a gear motor, the following tasks are required:

1, determine the operating speed of the machine, according to this speed calculation of the gear reducer motor deceleration ratio;

2, figure out the torque of the load, according to this torque to select the output of the gear reducer motor (refer to the "Output torque Table" supplied by vendor), to determine the type of gear reducer motor;

3, determine the additional functions of gear reducer motor, such as power outage brakes, electric brakes, frequency conversion, shrinkage frame, shell material and so on.





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