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Three phase stepper motor apply to lighting system

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Three phase stepper motor apply to lighting system

Medium and small-sized lighting devices are widely used in various stage lighting, the attached figure represents the structure of the illumination device.

 The horizontal rotary motor or the vertical oscillating motor all passes through 1:10 reducer. The horizontal rotating motor's load is the illumination light source and the vertical swinging mechanism, its load is accustomed to be most. Vertical oscillating motor load for light source and up-down swinging mechanism, it requires a certain speed to prevent producing rotational speed fluctuations. The bulb is installed inside the cylinder and the bulb produces heat when it works. The color filter used to change the beam color, and driven by a small HB stepper motor.

Our NEMA 23 and NEMA 24 three phase step motor with 1.2 degree apply to horizontal rotating motor and Vertical oscillating motor in entertainment lighting system, because three phase stepper motor has characteristics of low speed and uniform rotation.





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