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The reason why the planetary gearbox appears to break the shaft

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Generally speaking, the servo planetary reducer has a broken shaft is nothing more than two cases: one is the drive motor output shaft fractures, the other one is the planetary reducer output shaft breaks.

1, The reason for the fracture of the output shaft of the driving motor must be that there is a broken shaft caused by different concentricity in the assembly. If the output shaft of the driving motor breaks suddenly when the planetary reducer operates continuous, anyone carefully observe the broken shaft part and drive motor broken output shaft cross section, will find that the outer ring is very bright, but the the axis surface is getting darker, and finally see a broken point marks on the axis. Most of this is due to the different concentricity of the drive motor and the planetary reducer.

2, The other reason why output shaft of the planetary reducer broken is because when the customer chooses the reducer type, it is wrong to think that as long as the rated output torque of selected planetary reducer is adequate for the work, actually such a wrong opinion, in the selection of the planetary reducer model, it is necessary to pay attention to the matching drive motor rated output torque multiplied by the deceleration ratio, the obtained value is less than the rated output torque provided by the sample of the reducer product, and the overload capacity of the driving motor and the maximum working torque in the actual work need to be considered.

In addition, in the process of acceleration and deceleration, if the reducer output shaft is subject to an instantaneous impact torque of more than twice times its rated output torque, and this acceleration and deceleration is very frequent eventually will also cause the reducer to break the shaft. In this case, it is necessary to consider increasing the torque margin accordingly.





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