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The difference between bus line control and pulse control

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By receiving pulse current, the control of speed, position, the direction in the stepper motor can achieve. The number of the pulse determines the position of the stepper motor. The rate of the pulse determines the speed of the motor. The direction of the pulse determines the rotation speed of the motor. At present, the control mode for the stepper motor is to use PLC to send a pulse to the driver. The driver drives the rotation of the motor. Pulse mode has existed for many years, for some applications, it is hard to meet, which should use the bus line to control.

For the application that requires many motors, such as medical equipment which has twenty or thirty shafts. The pulse type is hard to control and a PLC can at most control six or seven shafts. If the motor is too much, the arrangement of wire is hard to tackle. If the number of the circuit is too much, which will produce signal interference and cause the stability of the equipment. The bus line type can only use two signal wires and a power supply wire to connect all motor in series, which is very convenient in design and installation and does not have signal interference problems.

Some machines have computers, if using pulse-type motors, the computer can not give full its advantage and needs an additional motion control card to control the drive system of the stepper motor. The bus line type can be controlled by a computer, which has the professional performance of a motion control card, the cost and space have an additional advantage over the other two methods.

Some products need torque mode in the motion such as an Auto-Screwdriving machine. The pulse type can not be controlled to adjust torque, but the bus line type can.

Compared with pulse-type, the bus line type is compact, the programming of the control program is relatively simple. Additionally, the motor current, voltage, temperature, stall are constant feedback. In sum, the bus line type has many advantages over the pulse type. The bus line type is future development.





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