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The Construction of DC Gear Motor

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In society, it is no exaggeration to say, as long as it is an electric product, the use of the motor is common. while in the family of the motor, the dc gear motor is widely used. Today, if you are interested, let us know the construction.

DC gear motor is a motor that has a special purpose in the automatic control system. Its structure has no essential difference with DC motor, which also is composed of stator and rotor.

The function of the stator is to establish a constant magnetic field, The magnetic pole in the stator has an excitation winding. In the dc gear system, electromagnetic and permanent magnetic dc gear reduction motor are commonly used. At Present, electromagnetic excitation mode is the other excitation mode, the armature, and the excitation winding are powered by two Independent power supply.

The dc gear motor is made up of permanent magnet(causing axial polarity) which is sandwiched in the two rotor halves and forms the rotating part and is placed in the stator housing, where stator coils form different motor phases.

The rotor is connected to the motor shaft which provides output rotation and torque when voltage and current pulses are applied to the motor windings. Bearings on the two sides of the rotor have smooth rotation and little friction and wear. 

The bearings are placed in the special space which is located between front and rear cover, which allows the concentricity of the rotor within the stator. The alignment of the rotor and stator is very important because the air gap between them (which produces torque) must be equal on all sides and has a few nanometres which are thinner than a strand of hair.

In recent years, with the development of technology, there exists a new type of gear motor, such as brushless dc gear motor.





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