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The Application of Stepper Motor

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The main application of stepper motor

1. Industrial Machine -- The stepper motor is used in the motor meter and machine tool.

2. Security -- The security industry’s new surveillance products, which include security cameras.

3. Medical -- The stepper motor is used in medical scanners, samplers, hydraulic pumps, ventilators, blood analyzers in digital oral photography.

4. Consumer electronics product -- The stepper motor can provide automatic digital camera focus and zoom function in the camera.

The technical advantage and application scenarios of the high and low-temperature stepper motor

The rated working temperature of the standard motor is about -20℃ - 50 ℃. Although it can meet many applications, some applications require lower or higher temperatures. If it exceeds the rated working temperature, the performance of the motor will degrade, even the motor damages.

In extreme conditions, the motor should be designed. I.CH designs two special motors, which can be used in -40℃~150℃.

In designing special motors, the three parts should adjust:

Magnetic material will exhibit demagnetization(the degradation of magnet performance ), which needs to use heat-resisting material. For these applications, wires must be specially insulated to withstand high temperatures. The upgraded insulation also contributes to helping reduce stress damage from heating and cooling cycles.

The bearing of the high and low motor should use special lubricating grease. The type of lubricating grease used should base on the application, which can be designed.

By using higher-level material, the working temperature range of high and low motor exceeds the range that a standard stepper motor can withstand. In extreme conditions, the influence factor includes using frequency. The standard motor can continuously work. But the load is too large, it will affect the choice of the motor.

The stepper motor application

The linear stepper motor in the IVD instrument

IVD in vitro diagnostic instruments, commonly known as clinical laboratory analysis instruments, function, and type also vary. Commonly, these equipment detects human samples, such as blood. By testing and verifying the samples, the clinical diagnosis information can be obtained.

Since the detection needs to be completed by liquid chemical reaction, so the precise movement and quantitative addition of samples and reagent are two key parts, which involve linear motion, and the movements of the sample. These two movements have high requirements for positioning. Because the accuracy of the sample addition directly affects the result of the diagnosis, and these movements complete in compact instruments. So, in the premise of accurate positioning, the transmission parts need to downscale as soon as possible.





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