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The Application of Closed Loop Stepper Motor

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For closed-loop stepper motor, there are a lot of applications. Today, let us know some specific applications.

1, Floppy Disk Drive

Floppy disk memory is a simple computer external informational storage device. When the floppy disk is inserted in the driver, the closed-loop stepper motor will drive the spindle to rotate to make the disk rotate in the disk sleeve. The magnetic head is installed on the magnetic head trolley. By the transmission mechanism, the closed-loop stepper motor will drive magnetic head trolley, to transform the step angle into the displacement of the magnetic head, which achieves the goal of reading and writing disk data. When the closed-loop stepper motor goes a step, the magnetic head will move a magnetic track.

2, Dot Matrix Printer Driver

The dot printer uses the mechanical and circuit driving principle to make printing pin hit the ribbon and the printing medium, and then print out a dot matrix which will form characters or graphics. In terms of structure, the dot matrix printer consists of two major parts: a printing mechanism and a drive control circuit. In the printing process, there are three kinds of mechanical movement: the horizontal movement of the print head, the longitudinal movement of printing paper, the stroke movement of the printing needle. These movements are executed by some precision machinery controlled by the software-controlled drive system. Among them, the print head drive mechanism(also known as the word car agency) is to take advantage of the closed-loop stepper motor and gear reduction equipment to drive the horizontal movement of word car by a synchronous toothed belt. The step speed is determined by the number of driving pulse in a unit time. Changing the step speed will change the printed word distance.

3, Computer Embroidery Machine Driver

The computer embroidery machine is developed based on the computer sewing machine. The sewing machine field which is dominated by mechanical technology for many years has introduced electronic technology since the 1970s. The computer sewing machine uses a microprocessor for four-axis numeric control. The numeric control system controls the two stepper motor in the x-y direction to drive the horizontal movement of the worktable and monitor the rotation of the spindle motor that drives the embroidery needle to move up and down, thereby controlling the intermittent movement of x-y worktable of an embroidery needle. The computer sewing machine also has the module of breakage detection, data storage to make the machine work stable and convenient.


4, Computer Plotter

The closed-loop stepper motor can accurately convert the angular displacement into linear movement and is a typical discrete actuator. It can easily form the closed-loop and open-loop control system and cooperate with the computer for digital control, which is widely used in the diversified equipment and device to achieve the goal of controlling speed, rotation angle or position, or movement control track. For example, in the plotter, the closed-stepper motor can control the position direction of the x, y-axis in the drawing pen to make the required trajectory curve on a plane within the confinement of allowable range.


5, Mechanical Processing Equipment

The closed-loop stepper motor can also be used as an actuator in the mechanical process equipment. Using open-loop control, the structure of the system is complex and has a motion control accuracy. In CNC Machine, to achieve higher motion or positioning accuracy of worktable or tool holder, using the encoder that can measure the absolute value of position or displacement as the position feedback is suitable.

The above example is some application of closed-loop stepper motor. Because of flexible control, good performance, reliable operation, it is widely used in medical equipment, robots, and household appliances.





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