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Step drive principle-2

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Stepper Drive Settings for Segmentation of The Unit Step drive

What do you mean subdivision?

In order to improve the precision of stepper motor control, the stepper driver now has the function of segmentation, so-called segmentation, is through the way of the circuit in the driver to reduce the pace angle. For example, the step perstep drive is set to 5 subdivisions, assuming that the original step angle 1.8 degrees then set to 5 subdivision, the step angle is 0.36 degrees.

That is to say, the original step can go, set into a subdivision after the need to walk 5 steps.

What to be aware of when setting up segments:

1, the general case, the number of subdivisions can not be set too large,

Because the greater the segmentation, the slower the speed of the motor and the reduced output torque of the motor, the greater the segmentation.

2, the pulse frequency of the drive stepper motor can not be too high, generally not more than 2KHz, otherwise the torque of the motor output is rapidly reduced.





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