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Intelligent manufacturing can start with intelligent motor control

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Motor control can simply be roughly divided into 3 types, direct start (DOL and Star triangle start) control, soft start and inverter (including servo) control. In order to control the motor better, first of all has to understand the operation of the motor data, if there is a soft start or inverter, you can use soft start and inverter to obtain the motor's operating data to understand the motor's current, voltage, power, power factors and temperature and other operating data, These data can be transmitted to the data center or production line controller through the communication interface of the soft starter and the inverter to record the pairs, and any minor changes with possible abnormal conditions are detected in a timely manner. Can also be used for the control signal input of the production line controller to start the corresponding action. For motors that start directly with a contactor, you can use an intelligent motor to protect thermal relays such as Rockwell Automation's E300 to obtain this information and monitor the data in the same way. The motor operation cannot be adjusted directly under the condition of direct start and soft start, but at least measures can be taken in advance to help reduce and avoid unplanned downtime. In addition, for the wear of mechanical parts, it is also possible to understand the rotation of the motor and the life of the bearing by means of vibration detection.


The Vibration monitoring section can also be uniformly monitored through the internet of things connected to data centers and controllers. With the rapid spread of the internet of things, it is estimated that in the near future, the motor itself will soon become a smart motor, or simply add intelligent sensors to connect the motor and transmit its status information to the necessary control components. In fact, Rockwell Automation Intelligent Motor Control solution is to use this concept today to achieve the intelligent control of the motor. Combined with Rockwell Automation integration architecture, intelligent motor solutions enable the direct invocation of various motor parameters in the control system for control logic. So that the motor Intelligent control scheme is easy to achieve, not only to meet the process requirements of control can also achieve energy savings.


The control system can also help save the download inverter parameters, in the event of failure need to replace the inverter, without the participation of technical personnel to set up, automatic download parameters, greatly reduce downtime. The implementation of intelligent manufacturing can be achieved today with solutions from connected enterprises. Connected enterprises do not happen overnight, must gradually adopt standard industrial Ethernet (a form of the internet of Things) within the manufacturing enterprise, the use of networked intelligent devices, the use of integrated architecture, intelligent motor control plus services and solutions of the three pillars to complete. A lot of the basic work starts with the intelligent control of the motor.





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