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How to Use DC Gear Motor

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How to Use DC Gear Motor

How to install dc gear motor

1. Confirm motor and reducer are intact before installation, and strictly check the dimension of parts which connected between the motor and reducer.

2. Unscrew the hole on the outside of the reducer flange, adjust the PCS system, which makes its side hole align with the dustproof hole, insert into the hexagon and tighten it, then remove the motor shaft key.

3. Connect the motor with reducer naturally. It is important to keep the concentricity of the motor and reducer’s output shaft in the same, and the outer flange of two is parallel.

4. Before installation, Using gas or zinc sodium water to wash the motor output shaft, Positioning convex plates.

5. Before connecting motor and reducer, it is necessary to make the key seat of the motor shaft and tightening bolt in the perpendicular.

6. Finally, Screw the tightening bolt. All the tightening bolt should be checked and fixed by torque wrench according to torque data.

How to control speed:

The Type of Speed Control for Gear Motor:

(1) step speed control:

Pole-changing control is the easiest way to regulate speed. But the occasion is limited in small and medium capacity. In common, there is two speed, and the speed ratio is also small.

(2) Stepless speed control:

It can be divided into mechanical and electrical. The common of the former is to insert the step-less speed control device in the connection between the motor and the gearbox. While the latter is to cascade speed control for asynchronous motor, rotor resistance speed control.

The Solution to Control Speed in Gear Motor:

1. Increasing a panel to control the power voltage. By adjusting the voltage, the task of regulation of speed can arrive.

2. Using external drivers. The gear motor drivers have two different types, which are built-in and external. Most of the internal drivers can not control speed, while whether the external drivers can regulate speed, it is determined by the structure of the driver.

Notes in Use:

1. when the depressurization starts, it is important to grasp the time, and ensure that the current will not pass.

2. Only use the required grease, two kinds of grease are not allowed.

3. After replacing the carbon brush, it is necessary to make the neutral point of brush plate reset and the load should be light for five minutes before in heavy-duty operation.

4. When the DC motor in operation has abnormal noise, the normal solution is to stop the motor to find the cause.

5. When the temperature of the motor is in abnormal conditions, stop is the requirement.

6. When wiping the dust in the commutator by ethanol, it is important to wait for the volatile ethanol Before the motor starts.





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