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Gear Motor for Smart Lock

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At Present, the driving motor of the smart lock has a large size and low torque. Besides, the steering is single, the control is unstable, which is easy to fail and low life.

To solve the above-mentioned deficiency, I.CH design a new smart lock gear motor, which is a simple structure, stable control, two-way rotation. The motor that I.CH uses is an outrunner brushless gear motor, which is the small size, high output torque, stable performance, long life.

Smart lock gear motor

The Working Principle

When the outrunner brushless DC motor is connected to the DC, it will drive the first stage gear to rotate. The first stage gear is supported by the outrunner BLDC motor. The first stage transmission gear meshes with second stage transmission gear. Therefore, when the first stage transmission gear rotates, it will drive the second stage gear to rotate. In the second stage, the third stage, fourth stage transmission is in the internal, which is supported by a gear shaft. In this way, the torque of the outrunner motor is amplified by gear sets, and transmitted into gear. The output shaft is in the gear motor housing, which is supported by the rolling bearing. Adjusting the meson to adjust the gap of transmission gear, which will prevent the direct friction between gears and improve the efficiency of the gear motor; the outer rotor brushless motor is installed outside the gearbox, which will prevent lubricating oil have a side effect on the motor.

The Solution

The smart lock gear motor includes gear motor housing, outrunner DC motor, driver, brushless motor lead, drive, the first stage, second stage, third stage, fourth stage transmission gear, output gear, rolling bearing, output shaft, meson, gear shaft. The right side of the gear motor housing is installed brushless outer rotor motor and has a driver between the two. The driver is connected to the motor lead. The first stage transmission gear is installed on the inside of the gear motor housing. The first stage transmission gear meshes with the second stage transmission gear. The second stage transmission gear by third transmission gear meshes with the fourth stage transmission gear.

The fourth stage transmission gear is connected to the output transmission gear. The inside of the transmission gear has a rolling bearing. The output shaft is fixed connected with gear motor housing. The outside of the gear shaft has installed a meson.





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