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Four Steps to Select Planetary Gear Box

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Planetary Reducer can effectively reduce the speed of the motor, from production, design to sales of the general manufacturers will have a set of standard services. But we know that there will be some differences in the production standards and design concepts of each factory, so it is not so easy for us to buy a reducer that suits them.


Some people will go to the manufacturers and choose from a variety of models and functions of the product, that time will not know which type of product they should be selected, so if we do not want to waste time, then we need to pay attention to the following requirements, after all the money has to be spent meaningful.


1, first of all, we have to work with production qualifications and design capabilities of manufacturers, only for the sake of customers manufacturers can produce products to our satisfaction, so in the early stage we have to visit a few more factories to see if their various levels meet our requirements, only more comparison can buy the right products.

2, second is to see their own footprint, because some of the reducer is the kind of large type, if no suitable place to stock is impossible.

3. In addition, the service life and stability of the gearhead are also what we need to consider.

4. Finally, in terms of price range too wide, not all units need expensive products, so no matter how much the price, as long as the model of the reducer in line with our production and use requirements will be no problem.





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