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5 Applications of motors in the medical industry-2

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Dialysis: The hemodialysis system requires a reliable peristaltic pump to allow the patient's blood and dialysis fluid to pass accurately through the machine's dialysis device.

In these life-giving machines, high-precision brushless motors operate reliably and quietly. The CPAP:CPCP machine has addressed sleep apnea in patients with millions of debilitating diseases. Modern CPAP is very compact, very quiet, and some CPAP is battery-powered.

At the heart of CPAP is a high-dynamic blower, usually powered by a brushless DC motor. What is often referred to as a surgical robot should actually be called a robotic surgery robot. Because surgeons are remotely guiding such robots for surgery.

This approach can reduce trauma and make patients more comfortable. The operating speed of the surgical robot increases by 25% a year. Surgical robots have also been shown to help reduce the risk of associated risks and complications during open surgery, allowing more patients to enjoy the benefits of minimally invasive surgery.

Surgical robots are able to use smaller surgical instruments to make smaller incisions than surgeons. These precise surgical systems advance the design of frameless torque motors of various diameters, as well as the customization of surgical robot motion solutions.

To deliver higher performance where it is most needed, surgical robot engineers achieve more efficient, durable surgery and cooler equipment through flexible, innovative mechanical design. Artificial limbs are used in a variety of situations, such as accidents, diseases, congenital defects, war injuries and so on.

Today, bionic limbs of the body's muscles, bones and nervous system have been developed, and they are becoming more and more natural to use under the control of the way motion is controlled. Motion control engineers have been working with developers of this magical prosthesis, such as the use of engine Power-Knee and full-featured prostheses, which are high-power devices, but require small, lightweight and efficient-which is difficult to achieve in most engine designs. Miniature groove-free and slotted brushless motors can power these manipulators. These motors meet and often exceed industrial surgical requirements to provide accuracy and efficiency at speeds of up to 100,000RPM or higher.





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