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5 Applications of motors in the medical industry-1

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Surgical robots, power prostheses and exoskeletons are all used motors to expand and improve human capabilities, while also advancing the development of the health care industry.

These advanced medical products have become a reality, thanks in part to advanced technology for the provision of medical motors and electronic drives.

Here are five main types of medical motors and drives that improve people's lives and health. The reduced motor helps people in wheelchairs to enjoy their freedom and to "walk" normally on the road. In the case of a unique all-terrain wheelchair, it uses a multi-wheel track instead of a wheel, all driven by a gear motor. It can pass through fields, forests and even small streams.

This opens up a range of off-road mobile solutions.

Medical motors are important for pumps used in many modern medical devices to provide cooling capacity and accurately measure fluids, gases and pharmaceuticals.

CT Scanner: A computed tomography scanner can perform fast, high-resolution scans and three-dimensional imaging of the body's interior. Many CT scanners need to use centrifugal pumps to circulate the coolant to maintain the temperature of the scanner X-ray system.

In general, brushless DC motors with integrated drives power for the pump reliably. 





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