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Chip Mounter Motor

• Manufacturer Part Number: H631
• Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper Motor 4 Wires 2 Phase, Unipolar Stepper Motor 6 Wires 4 Phase
• Frame Size: 63x9.6mm Stepper Motor Nema Mounting
• Stepper Angle: 1.8deg
• Shaft Type: Single Shaft or Double Shaft
• Application: 3D Printer Motor, Robot Motor, Textile Motor, Chip Mounter Motor, Surface Mount System Motor
  • H631

  • I.CH

  • H631-06010

Electrical Specification
Step Angle 1.8° / full step
Step Angle Accuarcy ±5%
Number of Phase 2
Rated Voltage 3.8VDC
Rated Current 1.0A
Resistance / Phase 3.8±10% ohms 20℃
Inductance / Phase 2.0±20% mH 1kHz
Holding Torque 600
Pull Out Torque
Back EMF
Detent Torque
Rotor Inertia 16.0 g.cm2
Weight 95 g 
Temperature Rise Less than 70K
Source Voltage 24 VDC
Insulation Class E 120℃
Dielectric Strength
Insulation Resistance 100Mohm 500VDC
IP Code IP 30
Operation Ambient Ambient temperature: -20...+ 50℃, humidity Max. 85%(No condensaation)
Storage Ambient Ambient temperature: -20...+ 85℃, humidity Max. 85%(No condensaation)
Axial-Force Fa=2N Max
Distance α=5 mm
Radial Force
Fr= 10N Max
Shaft Radial Play 0.02mm Max. 4N
Shaft Axial Play 0.08mm Max. 4N

* We can make special current/phase, lead wires, shaft for you.

* If need customize, contact our sales Dept.

chip mounter motor parameter

Mechanical Dimensions

chip mounter motor structure

Factory Ability
I.CH Motion Co., Ltd., is not only a manufacturer, but also a trading company, offer worldwide customers excellent service and collaboration experience, we provide stepper motors, Step engine Driver, DC Servo Motor, Step Motor Power Supply, Stepping Motor Kit, CNC router, Planetary Gearbox, BLDC, BLDC Servo, etc. We also offer OEM, ODM and after-sales service for customers.
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  Round Stepper Motor                                Stepper Motor with Encoder                   Stepper Motor with Thread Shaft


1. We are a customized Hybrid Stepping Motor factory, design product for different customize needs
2. CE, ROHS, IS09001... Certificate report;
3. Fast Delivery Around the World;

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Cleaner                                                                           Grinder for Rotor                                                      Machine Center
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Dryer                                                                              Testing Area                                                             Soundproof Room

-Pack in carton or crate filled by PE foam;
-Shipping depends on weight of order, such as courier, vessel and air;
-Expected delivery time: 10 to 40 working days.

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Q1. What degree of NEMA 16 Stepper Motor ?
A: We have two kinds deg of NEMA 16, 0.36, 0.9, 1.8 degree.
Q2. Can you make the output shaft as per my request?
A: Sure, we can customize output shaft, size and specification, and we will design a project for you.
Q3: Can I make the shaft came out from rear part?
A: Yes, we can make the rear output shaft.






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